1 Scarica TeamViewer QuickSupport per Windows dal sito ufficiale ( 7.8 MB )
2 The complete guide to secure communications with the one time pad cipher. This paper provides standard instructions on how to protect short text messages with one-time pad encryption. The encryption is performed with nothing more than a pencil and paper, but provides absolute message security. If properly applied, it is mathematically impossible for any eavesdropper to decrypt or break the message without the proper key. Dirk Rijmenants. ( 209 KB )
3 An introduction to Cryptography. This guide is useful to anyone who is interested in knowing the basics of cryptography; it explains the terminology and technology you will encounter as you use PGP products. You will find it useful to read before you begin working with cryptography. Network Associates, Inc. ( 1.0 MB )
4 Guida per l'installazione di Arch Linux. Una breve guida per l'installazione minimale di Arch Linux su dischi cifrati. Giuseppe Sammarco ( 470 KB )